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Spring Festival Competitions

Below is information on all of the SDFG Spring Festival Competitions for the 2020 - 2021 Season. Please navigate to the individual competition pages for more information. 


2021 Young Artist Competition (flutists ages 18-30)

2021 Collegiate Artist Competition (enrolled undergraduate flutists)

2021 Youth Artist Competition (flutists through 12th grade)

2021 Festival and Specialty Divisions (non-competitive festival division, non-competitive piccolo, and competitive orchestral excerpt divisions)

Congratulations winners of

Spring Festival Competitions 2021

Young Artist Competition

1st Place - Allison DeFrancesco 
2nd Place - Henry Woolf 
3rd Place - Dominique Kim
Honorable Mention - Yidi Song

Youth Artist Senior

1st Place - Kristen Isaly - (Student of Brook Ferguson)
2nd Place - Karen Peng - (Student of Sabrina Bounds)
3rd Place - Khalil Desai -  (Student of Vivian Bergova)
Honorable Mention - Elena Xu - (Student of Cheryl Bretsnyder)

Youth Artist Elementary

1st Place - Si Yeon Park (Student of Soo Kyung Park)

2nd Place - Kaya Baird (Student of Mary Palchak)
3rd Place - Yufei Wu  (Student of Pam Martchev)
Honorable Mention - Aspen Lee - (Student of Julia Barnett)

Festival Adult (Superior Rating) 2021

Christopher Yin (Student of Cheryl Bretsnyder) 

Denise Roper

Kathleen Herb (Student of Adan Provencio)

Ruth Levitsky (Student of Jean Antrim)

Suellen Fast (Student of Kate Prestia-Schaub)

Festival 12th Grade (Gold Rating) 2021

Faith Zoe Victoria Sardialla (Student of Kate Prestia-Schaub)

Festival 11th Grade (Gold Rating) 2021

Emma Cao (Student of Vivian Bergova)

Emma Ward (Student of Jane Masur)

Esther Kang (Student of Sunah Jong)

Jenny Mar (Student of Alina Steele)

Liam Joyce (Student of Alina Steele)

Nithin Parthasarathy (Student of Ginevra Petrucci)

Festival 10th Grade (Gold Rating) 2021

Alicia Shin (Student of Daniel Lee)

Daniella Arditti (Student of Jane Masur)

Erin Jun (Student of Liliana Lazzari)

Megan Payne (Student of Renee Tresko)

Sarah Shentu (Student of Linden Wu)

Vivian Lee (Student of Julie Oh)

Festival 9th Grade (Gold Rating) 2021

Anna Cao (Student of Vivian Bergova)

Hyunwoo Tak (Student of Sunah Johg)

 Jayanthi Chelliserry (Student of Vivian Bergova)

Sophie Park (Student of Daniel Lee)

Jiwen (Vivian) Yang (Student of Julia Barnett)

Festival 8th Grade (Gold Rating) 2021

Elizabeth Kim (Student of Alina Steele)

Lauren Suh (Student of Elena Yarritu)

Collegiate Artist Competition

1st Place - Matthew Origel (UCLA) 
2nd Place - Ann Kuo (Colburn) 
3rd Place - Elizabeth McCormack (Northwestern)

Youth Artist Junior

1st Place - Joelle Kim  (Student of Diana Morgan)
2nd Place - Alexis Cai (Student of Jim Walker)
3rd Place - Michelle Sun  (Student of Pam Martchev)
Honorable Mention - Aleyna Russell - (Student of Kara Wuchner)

Orchestral Excerpt Division

1st Place - Jaime Burke - (Student of Pam Martchev)

Piccolo Division

1st Place - Yidi Song - (Student of Anne Harrow)

2nd Place - Alexandra Langley 

3rd Place - Emma Ward - (Student of Jane Masur)

Honorable Mention - Kathleen Herb (Student of Adan Provencio)

Festival 7th Grade (Gold Rating) 2021

Emma Seojin Lee (Student of Sunah Jong)

Jiyoo Nam (Student of Kristyn Son)

Katelyn Zhang (Student of Julia Barnett)

Lakshanya Sankaran (Student of Liliana Lazzari)

Naomi Chen (Student of Sabrina Bounds)

Rashmi Chelliserry (Student of Vivian Bergova)

Riley Kim (Student of Julie Oh)

Festival 6th Grade (Gold Rating) 2021

Euna Kim (Student of Kristyn Son)

Hayden Tong (Student of Sunah Jong)

Jayden Park (Student of Sunah Jong)

Kira Shiau (Student of Alina Steele)

Festival Elementary (Gold Rating) 2021

Aashi Sangar (Student of Julia Barnett)

Aerin Ahn (Student of Kristyn Son)

Harper Xu (Student of Vivian Bergova)

Yuna Ha (Student of Sunah Jong)

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