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As a volunteer organization, we are dedicated to supporting and encouraging the growth and development of flutists of all ages and levels of ability by providing opportunities for education, performance, social interaction and advancement of pedagogy to our membership and to the San Diego flute and music community at large. 

Competition Dates

  • No upcoming events

Upcoming Events

2023 competition Winners

Young Artist Competition (ages 18-30) 

1st Place: I-Ling Emily Ho

2nd  Place: Sierra Schmeltzer

3rd Place: Danielle Kim

Youth Artist Senior (up to & including 12th grade)

1st Place: Tammy Pao

2nd Place: Joseph Yoo

3rd Place: Elizabeth Kim

Honorable Mention: Hyunwoo Tak and Taj Aliotta

Youth Artist Junior (up to & including 9th grade)

1st Place: Chloe Yang

2nd Place: Abigail Chong

3rd Place: Eva Kurima

Honorable Mention: Yufei Wu and Michelle Sun

Youth Artist Elementary (up to & including 6th grade)

1st Place: Stella Chung

2nd Place: Ayelet Dickman

3rd Place: Jericho Seefeldt

Honorable Mention: Bora Kim

Festival Division Gold Medalists

Elementary: Ariel Kang

8th Grade: Euna Kim

12th Grade: Amanda Zhao

Collegiate: Joy Tan

Membership Fee Waiver

We understand that this may be a difficult time for some. We don't want finances to hold you back from our offerings. We welcome all flutists to join our organization and are offering a "Membership Fee Waiver" Scholarship to anyone who is in need. Please fill out this short form if you would like to become a member and would like to request a membership fee waiver. 

Fee WaiveR INfo


Did you know we provide scholarships to SDFG members? These scholarships can be applied to the cost of lessons, workshops, and competition entry fees. Get more information and apply today. Additionally, we offer a Music Grant, for aspiring flutists seeking financial assistance. 


Community Bulletin

  • Code of Ethics & Conduct approved by Board Vote on October 8, 2022.
  • Black Weave Beaumont B-Foot Flute Bag for sale.
  • Wiseman Snake Wood Flute Case for sale.
  • The San Diego Blues-Rock Meetup Group hosts monthly jam sessions in San Diego.

Read more on the Community Bulletin.

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