SDFG is going virtual for 2020-2021.
Please join us in all the music making fun!  

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San Diego's Premier Flute Organization

Our live classes, recitals, and social events are being held on Discord.

Please join us on the SDFG Discord server (it's free!)

Discord is the platform that we are using to host our live events, classes, recitals, and more. Please join our community on Discord to attend our live virtual offerings. 

Upcoming events

Member Events

We want to hear about what you're doing! If you are a current member of the San Diego Flute Guild, and would like to advertise your flute related activity, please send us an email with a flyer and text exactly as you'd like it to appear, and we'll post them here!



As a volunteer organization, we are dedicated to supporting and encouraging the growth and development of flutists of all ages and levels of ability by providing opportunities for education, performance, social interaction and advancement of pedagogy to our membership and to the San Diego flute and music community at large. 

Virtual Series-

Join us for classes, performances, masterclasses, and social events every Saturday on our Discord 

1st Saturday @ 1pm

2nd Saturday @ 2pm

3rd Saturday @ 3pm

4th Saturday @ 4pm

Membership Fee Waiver- Scholarship

We understand that this may be a difficult time for some. We don't want finances to hold you back from our offerings. We welcome all flutists to join our organization and are offering a "Membership Fee Waiver" Scholarship to anyone who is in need. Please fill out this short form if you would like to become a member and would like to request a membership fee waiver. 

Membership Fee Waiver Application


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