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San Diego Flute Guild Music Library

We have quite a collection of music available for lending to our members.  If you would like to borrow any of the listed music below, you are welcome to fill out and submit the Google Form below. 

Rental Guidelines:
  • You must be an active member of SDFG. Join Today!
  • You must fill out the Google Form by scrolling to the bottom of this page, and copy and paste the name of the piece or pieces you'd like to request into the form. 
  • You may choose 5 pieces at a time. 
  • Rental period is 10 days.
  • You must arrange pick up and drop off directly with the SDFG music librarians, and you will receive further instructions once the Google Form is submitted. 
  • There is no charge for this service.

List of Available Music

Composer/Arranger Title Instrumentation
Anderson, Keiron* Dance of the Sprite flute ensemble
Anderson, Keiron* Quicksilver flute ensemble
Anthony deLise, Louis* Watermarks solo flute
Arnold, Malcolm Duet Flute and Viola
Bach, J.A. Air from the Suite in D Flute Choir
Bach, J.S. Aria from Cantata BVW 25 Flute Choir
Bach, J.S. Badinage Flute Quartet
Bach, J.S. Canon, Reversible Duet Flute Duets
Bach, Jan Eisteddfod variations and Penillion on a Welsh Harptune Flute, Viola and Harp
Bach, W. F. Six Duets for Two Flutes Duet
Barlow, Wayne/Pancost, Raymond* The Winter's Passed solo alto flute w/flute choir
Beach, Amy/Rees, Carla* Theme & Variations flute ensemble
Berlinski, Herman Adagietto Flute and Organ
Bernofsky, Lauren* Blue Monkey flute and violin
Bernofsky, Lauren* Spring Song flute and piano
Berstein, David* Three Summer Soundscapes flute and piano
Bevan, David* Flute Sonata flute and piano
Big Band Combos: Flute duets / solos Duets / Solos
Boismortier, J. Three Concertos for Five Flutes Flute Quintet
Boustany, Wissam* Broken Child flute and piano
Boyce Symphony No. 1 Flute Choir
Brahms, J. How Lovely is Thy Dwelling Place Flute Quartet Plus Piano
Bridgewater, Tony* Sonata for Flutes flute ensemble
Brings, Allen Three Lais Solo Flute
Cafolla, Roma* Sonata for Wind Trio (Capers) flute, oboe, and bassoon
Capodaglio, Leonello* Notes of Blessed Years wind quartet
Capodaglio, Leonello* Two Prayers flute ensemble
Chaggar, Ricky* Serenade Opus 6 no 1 flute and harp (or piano)
Chamberlain, Nicole* Coalescence flute quartet
Chamberlain, Nicole* Summer Insomnia flute choir
Chamberlain, Nicole* Three-Nine Line flute and piano
Clementi, M. Sonata Flute Quartet
Cohen, Jonathan* Legend of Llyn Llech Owain low flute ensemble
Collection Panorama Flute and piano Flute and Piano
Cunningham, Michael Pastel Design, Op. 12 Flute Choir
De Vries, Klaas 5 part Fantasy Flute Ensemble
Debussy, Claude/Smith, Bruce R.* The Little Shepherd flute choir
Dorff, Daniel* Three Little Waltzes flute and Bb clarinet
Dorff, Daniel* Zoe & Xena piccolo and bass clarinet
Douglas, Paul Foyveblas Wind Quintet
Falanga, Domenico* Miscka flute ensemble
Faure, Gabriel Cantique de jean Racine Flute Choir with Piano
Faure, Gabriel Pavanne Flute Choir with Piano
Fernandez, Charles* A Quiet House and a Mouse flute choir
Frackenpohl, Authur Flute Rag Flute trio and piano, opt. rhythm
Galindo, Demian* Transformacion? flute and guitar
Gazda, Doris and Clark, Larry* Compatible Trios for Church

trios for any combination of instruments

Gisler-Haase, Barbara* Curtain Up! Trios flute trio
Gluck, C.W.* Dance of the Blessed Spirits

solo bass (or concert) flute w/low flute ensemble

Gomez, Luis Ernesto* Tropical Matters soprano, flute, and guitar
Grey, Geoffrey Contretemps Wind Quintet
Guilmant, Alexandre/Melicharek, Martin* Shepherds of the Mountains flute choir
Haines, Edmond Eclogue Flute, 2 violins and cello
Handel, G. F. Sarabanda Flute Choir
Handel, Georg F. Allegro Maestoso from water music suite Flute Choir
Harmon, John 4 Songs Flute Choir
Hepplewhite, Russel* Socotra flexible wind quartet
Herman, Ralph Flute Willow Flute Duet, Trio or Quartet
Hester, Gwen The 4 Albatross Flute and Piano
Hirose, Ryohei Blue Train Flute Choir
Hirsch, Rick* A Frolic, a Song, and Three Dances flute choir
Holcombe, Bill A Christmas Jazz Suite Flute Choir
Hoover, Katherine* Four Winds flute and orchestra
Inglis, Brian* Flute Sonata flute and piano
Irish Air The Galway Piper Flute Quartet
Jones, Allan Herbie* Dream Angus flute ensemble
Jones, Allan Herbie* The Jolly Jester flute and piano
Jones, Allan Herbie* The Ballad of John flute and piano
Joplin, Scott/Pearce, Ann Cameron* Solace flute choir
Kiefer, Bruno Notas Soltas Solo Flute
Knudsen, Peder I am so Glad each Christmas Eve Flute Choir
Korkokiou, Myrto and Loufapoulos, Apostolos* Ghost

alto flute and electronic background

Kuhlau, Friedrich Duet One Opus 102, 1 Duet
Kverno, Trond Triptychon Descant Recorder Solo
Lambert, Richard* Shadow-veiled as the years pass flute and piano
Leante, F. C. Ballata II Solo Flute
Leshnoff, Jonathan* Flute Concerto flute and piano reduction
Lewis, Robert Hall Divertimento Six Instruments
Lieberson, Peter Flute Variations Solo Flute
Lipper, Binnette* Glimpses of the Night solo flute
Loeb, David* Concertino four bass flutes
Lombardo, Ricky Reflections Flute Choir
Lombardo, Ricky God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman 5 flutes
Lombardo, Ricky* Sacred Quartet Collections flute quartet
Magalif, Eugene* Half Step Rag (Penguin) flute quintet/ensemble
Magalif, Eugene* Carol of the Bells flute quartet (or choir)
Mancini Village Inn Flute Choir
Mancini Shades of Sennett Flute Choir
Maw, Nicholas Night Thoughts Solo Flute
McGinty, Anne Ambage Flute Quartet
McIntosh, Ladd* Fireflies flute choir
McMichael, Catherine* Realms of Vision flute and piano
Mendelssohn, F. Andante from Italian Symphony 2nd mvmt Flute Choir
Mercadante, Saverio* Three Serenades flute trio
Milne, Stephanie* Shadows solo contrabass flute
Monroe, Ervin* A Sea Shanty Frolic

five flutes or four flutes w/alto and/or bass flute or flute choir

Monteverdi Canons, Plain and Fancy Duet
Moore, Carman Museum Piece Flute, Cello and Tape
Mozart, W. A. Serenade-Eine (Kleine Nachtmusic) Flute Choir
Mozart, W. A. The Magic Flute Overture Flute Choir
Mozart, W. A. Quartet in F Minor Quartet
Munro, Ian* Songs from the 80s flute and piano
Nishimura, Judy* The Minute Waltz (in 5 Minutes) flute and piano
Nishimura, Judy* The Magic Flute (in 5 Mintes) solo flute and concert band
Offenbach, J. Cancan Trio
Parry, C.H.H./Rainford, Robert* Lady Radnor's Suite flute ensemble
Pearce, Ann Cameron* Cindy flute choir
Peixoto de Pinho, Nuno* OU

contrabass flute (or bass flute) in c and voice

Perez Valero, Luis* Danta's Game flute and guitar
Pollet, Lanny Three Transcriptions Woodwind Trio
Primosch, James* Badinerie Squared flute duet
Prodigo, Sergio Sonata XIV Solo Dlute
Puccini, Giacomo/Chamberlain, Nicole* Nessun Dorma flute choir
Pursley-Kopitzke, Evelyn* Fantasy on a Vocalise flute and piano
Raines, Robert* Seven Memories flute ensemble
Rainford, Robert* Selected Pieces by Cecile Chaminade Book 1 flute and piano
Ramirez, Armando Luis* Four Folkloric Etudes piccolo
Restorff, henry The Forest Warbler Flute/Picc and Piano
Rice-Young, Amy The First Noel Flute Choir
Rice-Young, Amy Good King Wenceslas Flute Choir
Rimsky-Korsakoff, N. Flight of the Bumble Bee Quartet
Rimsky-Korsakov, Nikolai/Melicharek, Martin* Procession of the Nobles flute choir
Roncal, Alvaro Zuniga* Dualismos flute and guitar
Rose, David Holiday for Flutes Duet plus piano
Rubin, Andrew Two Elegies Flute and Piano
Satie, Erik Three Gnossiennes Flute Choir
Satie, Erik Three Gynmopedies Flute Choir
Schocker, Gary* Inside Out flute and piano
Schocker, Gary* Quirks flute and piano
Schocker, Gary* Biwako Wind flute and piano
Schocker, Gary* Concertino Italiano flute and piano
Schocker, Gary* Sonata 7 flute and piano
Schocker, Gary* Silkworms flute and guitar
Schocker, Gary* DC piccolo and piano
Senchuk, Peter* Continental Drift two bass flutes
Shapey, Ralph O Jerusalem Soprano and Flute
Sharma, Liz* Permutations double wind quartet
Sherman, Norman Quintessant Wind Quintet
Simpson, Marietta and Simpson-Curenton, Evelyn* Calvary flute and piano
Smetana, Friedrich Dance of the Comedians Flute Choir
Smith, Larry Alan* One Hour to Madness and Joy solo flute
Stallman, Robert* The Magic Flutist Volume II Mozart flute and orchestra
Strauss, Richard/Walker, Elizabeth* Four Songs flute and piano
Swinstead, Felix Pastorale Flute / Obore and Piano
Talbott, Helen-Jean* Historic Christmas Carols--New Settings flute and piano
Tan, Su Lian* Autumn Lute-Song flute and piano reduction
Tchaikovsky, P. I. Andante Cantable Flute Choir
Telemann, George P. Six Canonic Sonatas Duet
Thomas, David Benett* Sleeping Lions solo contrabass flute
Tomlinson, Joshua (editor)* Snow Pond Composers Workshop Anothology various instrumentation
Traditional O Christmas Tree Trio
Trois for fun Sailor’s Hornpipe, American Patrol Trio
Verdie, Adriana* Confluencia flute, bass clarinet, and cello
Waldteufel, Emile/Pearce, Ann Cameron* Estudiantina flute quartet
Walsche, Michael* Cavatina and Villanelle flute and piano
Webb, Robert K. Scarborough Fair Flute Choir
Willis, Richard S./Pearce, Ann Cameron* It Came Upon a Midnight Clear flute choir
Wouters, Adolphe Adagio and Scherzo Quartet
Yost, Jeffrey/Sparr, D.J.* Cara Mia piccolo and piano
Young, Douglas Trajet Alto Flute
Young, Douglas Londonderry Air Flute Choir
Zamarin, Arnold* Classical Favourites from Russia flute duet

Items marked with an (*) were generously donated by the NFA for the Newly Published Music Competition from 2016.  Thank you to the NFA, and all of the composers who submitted music to this competition!

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