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FEstival FAQs

  • What time should I arrive? The first competition begins at 8:00. We suggest arriving at about 7:30 am if you are competing, and 8:00 am if you plan on attending the morning warm up. We hope you stay for the whole day and enjoy the entire line up of events!  
  • When is my warm up/competition time, and what rooms are they in?  Please contact your private teacher or pianist. All information will be sent by the festival coordinator to all teachers and accompanists by March 15, 2020. Additionally, all competition times and rooms are listed on the program, as well as the competition doors. The registration staff will also have this information readily available. 
  • I’m a parent or family member of a competitor, do I need to purchase membership or a festival day pass?  No, each competitor is allowed up to 3 family members to join them for the day at the festival, and accompany the competitor to all of the events. If you have more than three family members, we do ask that you purchase a festival day pass for either $35 for members, or $45 for non-members.
  • How do I check in?  Go to the Foyer inside Crill Hall, and tell the person at the registration desk how you are participating at the event. Name tags are sorted by Competitors, Vendors, Volunteers, Flute Choir, Board members, Teachers, Pianists, and Guest Artists. The campus map is found on the back of your program, or here.
  • Do You Take Credit Cards at the event?  We do! Cash is always appreciated, though. 
  • Where are the warm up rooms?  Warm up rooms are in the basement of Cooper Music Center. You will be directed to your assigned practice room when you check in at the registration desk. If you have any trouble getting into the warm up rooms, please go to the registration desk in Crill Hall. If all else fails, please feel free to warm up outside - there’s plenty of space there!
  • Can I hear my child/student compete?  If your child/student is competing in one of the rooms on the first floor yes, it is open to the public. If they are competing in a room on the second floor, it is open at the discretion of the adjudicators, and only as space allows. Thank you for your understanding. 
  • Do I need Judges copies of music for the YA divisions and Orchestral Divisions?  Judges copies of all listed compulsory repertoire has been provided to the judges.  All music for YA Senior, Young Artist Competition, and Orchestral Audition divisions will be provided by the San Diego Flute Guild.
  • Are the competitions behind a screen?  The Orchestral Audition competition is behind a screen. All other are not behind a screen.
  • What happens if I run over my competition time limit? If your musical selection(s) runs over the time limit allowed, or if you arrive late to your competition, adjudicators or room proctors must cut your performance short. All rooms absolutely MUST run on time for each pianist and teacher to be able to perform for their students. It will NOT reflect in your score, or final competition result.
  • When will I find out the result of my competition?  You can come to the award ceremony at 5:00 pm in Crill Hall. Additionally, there will be an email sent within several days of the competition to all members.
  • Where can I get my comments from the Judges?  All comments will first be distributed to teachers. Teachers may pick up their students' comments at 5:00 pm in Crill Hall. Teachers who are not able to pick up their packets may make arrangements with Farah Zolghadr who will either send them by mail to the teacher, along with any uncollected awards, or make arrangements for pick up. 
  • How can I get involved with volunteering?  Send us an email letting us know you’d like to help out at sandiegofluteguild@gmail.com, or go on our website to your membership profile, and click the box that states: “I’m available to volunteer.”
If we're forgetting something, please feel free to ask!

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