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  • 2022 Young Artist Competition

2022 Young Artist Competition

  • Sunday, March 27, 2022
  • Online


  • The SDFG Young Artist Competition is open to flutists age 18-30 (as of May 15, 2022).

    All entrants must be must be logged in as a member of the San Diego Flute Guild to register.

    “First Place” winners from previous years are not eligible.

Registration is closed

The San Diego Flute Guild invites you to compete in our highly esteemed Young Artist Competition.


Preliminary Recorded Round Deadline (audio) Sunday, March 27, 2022

Final Recorded Round Deadline (video)

Sunday, April 24, 2022
Winners' Recital (virtual) Sunday, May 15, 2022

Cash Prizes

First Place Prize: $1500

Second Place Prize: $750
Third Place Prize: $500

Entry Fees, Eligibility, Requirements, & Obligations

  • The SDFG Young Artist Competition is open to flutists age 18-30 (as of May 15th, 2022).
  • Entry Fee: $55 (does not include SDFG Membership Fee, and is non-refundable*).
  • *All entrants must be members of the San Diego Flute Guild (may join with entry).
  • First Place Prize Winners from previous years are not eligible.
  • Six entrants and two alternates will be chosen from the Preliminary Recorded Round to compete as finalists. Preliminary Recordings are due March 27, 2022.  
  • Finalists will submit a video recording for the Final Video Recorded Round. Video recordings are due April 24, 2022.  
  • In the Final Video Recorded Round, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes and Honorable Mention(s) will be awarded per the judges’ discretion. There are no ties. Judges' decisions are final.
  • A recital featuring the final round video performances by the First, Second, and Third Place Winners of the Young Artist Competition will be held at the virtual Spring Festival. 
  • Entrants currently enrolled in an undergraduate program who are not finalists for the Young Artist Competition may register for the Collegiate Artist Competition at no additional fee. 

Round formats

Preliminary Round  2 Audio Recordings, without edits. Submit as mp3/m4a/wav/aiff

Final Round 

Video recording, without edits, single camera. Unlisted YouTube video.
Winners' Recital (virtual) Live playback of submitted final round video

Registration & Deadlines

Before you can register, you must first create an account and become a SDFG member. 

  • Complete the online membership and registration forms, and email your recordings and headshot by the March 27th, 2022 (11:59 PM PDT) deadline to sdfgcompetitions@gmail.com
  • Six Finalists and two Alternates will be chosen, and all competitors will be notified by April 15th, 2022 with results.
  • Finalists are required to submit a completed Confirmation of Intent and Agreement to Terms and Conditions by April 20th, 2022 (11:59 PM PDT) via email.

Failure to meet any of the above deadlines may result in forfeiture of your Finalist position.

Preliminary RECORDED Round Repertoire

Entrants are to submit an audio recording of the following compulsory pieces:

  • Required piece: Astor Piazzolla - Tango Etude No. 3 Molto marcato e energico

  • Contrasting work(s) or movement(s)  not to exceed 10 minutes

Final Round Repertoire & Program

Final Round

  • 25-minute program of your own choosing

For the Preliminary Recorded Round and Final Round

The time limits for both rounds exclude any time between pieces or movements. The program should include pieces in a variety of diverse styles and periods. This may include single movements of works, sonatas, and unaccompanied pieces. It is not necessary to perform all movements of a single work. An Individual movement of a work needs to be performed in its entirety, but cuts may be made in the accompaniment and repeats may be deleted. The Final Round repertoire can include preliminary round repertoire, or can be an entirely new program. Accompanied pieces may or may not be recorded with the piano.  


Headshots and recordings should be submitted via email to SDFG Competition Coordinator, (sdfgcompetitions@gmail.com), no later than March 27th, 2022 (11:59 PM PDT).


  • Please send your photo as a square, high resolution, black and white .jpg file. 
  • Please use your first and last name as the file name. (i.e. Sally.Smith.jpg)

Preliminary Recordings:

  • Recordings must be in mp3/m4a/wav/aiff audio format (no videos will be accepted as this is an anonymous round). 
  • For identification purposes, name your files as your first initial and last name followed by the composer’s name (i.e. S.Smith.Bach.mp3)
  • Please do not talk or identify yourself in any way on your submitted recordings.
  • The two pieces must be submitted as one audio file each. 
  • Recordings must be complete and unedited (recording breaks between movements are acceptable).

Note: All recorded files will be coded and numbered for anonymity before being submitted to the Preliminary Recorded Round adjudication panel.

Final Round Recordings:

Video recordings should be submitted via email to Competition Coordinator, (sdfgcompetitions@gmail.com), no later than April 24, 2022 (11:59 PM PDT).

  • Finalists must submit an unlisted YouTube recording link. 
  • Video recordings must be complete, unedited, and from a single camera. 
  • Please do not talk or identify yourself in any way on your submitted recording.
  • These videos should not be shared on social media. 
  • If selected as prize winner, a portion of your video will be used for the virtual Winners' Recital. 
Should you have any questions or require further information, feel free to contact SDFG Competition Coordinator, at sdfgcompetitions@gmail.com.

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