2020 Summer Camp Rules & Acknowledgements

Welcome to the 2020 SDFG Summer Camp! So that we may make your stay an enjoyable and worthwhile experience, it is necessary to have a few guidelines. We expect you to use common sense and courtesy as you conduct yourself during your stay. A camper who does not fulfill the responsibilities set out by such rules, procedures and standards of conduct may be subject to disciplinary action, including dismissal from camp. 

  • Campers are required to wear their name tag in clear view at all times. 
  • The daily schedule will posted in Wagon Wheel Hall and followed by everyone unless excused by a Camp Director. 
  • Please no practice before breakfast or after 10pm.
  • Rooms should be cleaned before breakfast. Campers share housekeeping duties; all campers are expected to do their part to keep common areas clean. 
  • Conservation is everyone's business. Turn out lights, save water, pick up litter, and be careful to keep clothing away from heaters. 
  • Campers must remain on the campgrounds at all times and within the designated boundaries for the camp. 
  • Campers must follow all instructions given by camp staff. If campers do not follow instructions given, their parents will be contacted and the campers may be asked to leave camp. 
  • SDFG does not permit students to use mobile/cellular/smart phones or other internet devices while we are in session. 
  • The SDFG will not be responsible if personal items, including instruments, are stolen or lost due to negligence. 
  • Clothing must be appropriate. No offensive graphics or slogans, no bare midriffs or backs are allowed, nor should the camper’s undergarments be exposed. Please see packing guidelines for suggestions on what to bring and proper clothing. 
  • Use or possession of tobacco products, alcoholic beverages, chemical substances, firearms, illegal knives, and/or prohibited weapons is strictly forbidden. Those who violate this rule are subject to immediate dismissal from camp without refund. 
  • Prescription and over-the-counter medication is only allowed if listed on the Medical Release Form. 
  • Campers are responsible for administering their own medication. Please bring your own tylenol/aspirin/ibuprofen in case it becomes necessary. 
  • Meals will be served in the Dining Hall and during meal hours only. Food is not permitted in the living quarters. Any food or snacks brought to camp must be stored in the kitchen area in Wagon Wheel or in the dining hall kitchen. 
  • Absolutely no form of sexual misconduct, harassment, violence, threats of violence, bullying or other acts of communications intended to intimidate, harass, or annoy will be tolerated. 
  • Vandalism and theft will result in immediate dismissal from the camp. Please treat the buildings, equipment and furniture with care. If vandalism occurs, those involved will be financially responsible for all expenses necessary for repair.

Should your parents need to contact you during camp, they should call Farah Zolghadr (305) 458-6996, Lionel Avila (916) 380-2692, or Sierra Johnson (858) 335-7783.

Parents and students will be required to sign a physical copy of these rules and regulations upon check in at camp. 

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